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Shopping Experience with Zalora

Zalora Logo

Today I just received my sport pants, shirts and belt from Zalora via GDEX, which I purchased it last week. This was my first time buy the fashion online, because I afraid getting any clothes where the stitch tear out when receive and difficult when we want to ask for return or exchange.

Zalora Delivery Box

After knowing few of my friends having good experience and after sales service from Zalora, I decided to give myself a try and finally I receive it and I’m satisfied what I got.

Zalora Purchased Items

If you even bought something online via eBay, Lelong or somewhere else, then you shouldn’t have any problem on checking out.

If you’re the first time buyer at Zalora, here is a 15% discount voucher for you Continue reading Shopping Experience with Zalora


Remember that few years ago I’ve introduced the HideIPVPN service that giving away Free VPN service monthly?

During the past few months in working on completely revamping our website as well as structure, I noticed that HideIPVPN service has changed and another very interesting features which is called SmartDNS has dragged my attention.

Look at it’s VPN service and let’s compare to 5 years ago what major changes have been done. Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Canada VPN servers have been added, as well as P2P and BitTorrent supported. This especially essential for us, Continue reading HideIPVPN

Energy Saving Tips for Office

We had talked about Energy Saving Tips for Home. And now we are going to talk about Office.

If you’re a business man or having your own office, then you should really pay your attention in this topic. 😉

In this topic we are paying attention in the following parts:

  • Lighting
  • Air Conditioner
  • Office Equipment


  1. Make use of daylight whenever possible to reduce lighting costs as office hour is usually day time, so the daylight is highly available.
  2. Cut down the number of lamps in areas with ample daylight.
  3. Keep all windos, lights and light fittings clean to maintain optimum lighting performance.
  4. Replace the incandescent lamps or tungsten halogen “spotlight” lamps with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) as we talked yesterday in home.
  5. Install occupancy sensors to turn off lights automatically in public areas such as corridors, toilets, pantry etc.
  6. Do not switch on the light when it’s not in use like in meeting room.
  7. Switch off the light during lunch time.

Continue reading Energy Saving Tips for Office