Avoid EasyParcel

Avoid EasyParcel Services – Bad Experience

Avoid EasyParcel

EasyParcel is a company founded by Exabytes Venture Sdn Bhd, according to the domain whois record, it registered in November 2012, so would assumed they had their business started from 2013 perhaps?

I found EasyParcel in somewhere I forgot, and I found that their rates are very competitive for non-business account holder, as I’m paying more if I go through local agent or directly walk-in to the office, e.g. Skynet. Besides that, EasyParcel also offered RM 25 free credit, this can be used to ship 3-4 documents or 2-3 parcels.

After signed up an account, I decided to place an order with Nationwide via EasyParcel to Kota Bharu. Unfortunately Kota Bharu was flooded at the night when I placed my order.

EasyParcel Order

Fortunately the customer service agent Hayden T., helped me to cancel my order and refund the credit back to my account.

Yesterday, I called Nationwide to make sure they resume back to business in Kota Bharu, however they ain’t. End up I called to Skynet and confirmed that they were resumed to business. So I placed order yesterday and chat with Hayden T. again and confirmed that Skynet will come today between 1pm to 6pm.

I woke up today at 8am and waited the Skynet to pick up/call to arrange pick up. However, I waited until 4pm but still nothing, then I contacted Hayden T. again and he/she (no idea is he or she) helped me to confirm with Skynet HQ, however it’s not the branch. Until 5.35pm still nobody came.

I contacted Hayden T. again via live chat and we both agreed to wait until 6.30pm, which I saw in their facebook there is a person picked up at 6.13pm. Last chance I gave, but still disappointed me!

From the call I made to Nationwide, the branch had no idea who/which is EasyParcel, same to Skynet. From the conversation, EasyParcel  only deal with the HQ. For over a year in business, they still failed to ensure their courier partners to educate their branches about EasyParcel services.

During the waiting time from 4pm till 6.30pm, I googled and found that I’m not the only one had the bad experience. This will be my last order and I would not recommend it to any of my friends, colleagues and you, RMvalues readers and supporters. Stay away from EasyParcel.

Lastly, I would also re-evaluate the Skynet service, why they had acknowledge the pick up order but they did not come to pick up.

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