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Another SSL vulnerability – the POODLE bug, has surfaced.

Just a few months after the Heartbleed bug shattered the believed-to-be-secure SSL/TLS encryption layer status quo and put data transfers, emails, instant messages, etc. at risk, a new SSL vulnerability has been brought to light by Google experts.

According to Google researchers, a weakness in the SSL 3.0 protocol could be used to eavesdrop critical data that is transferred over an encrypted connection between web browsers, apps, etc. and servers.

The ‘new’ bug is called POODLE – an acronym for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption.

The mechanism of the POODLE attack

The newly discovered POODLE exploit poses a great threat to online security, since it affects an old SSL version, which is still widely used by the majority of servers and clients.

It allows hackers to outsmart a web client by telling it that the server does not support the more secure TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol, so the client is forced to connect via SSL 3.0. Continue reading Another SSL vulnerability – the POODLE bug, has surfaced.

We Have The Latest Official PHP 5.6.0 Installed On All Our Servers

Finally we’ve installed the latest bugfix-only version of PHP 5.6.0 on all our Hepsia based web hosting servers. With the whole bunch of improvements and new features, the release candidate showed all the potential to become the new stable version of PHP.

This is why, it comes as no surprise that the PHP Development Team announced today the immediate availability of the new official PHP version – PHP 5.6.0.

PHP 5.6.0

This new release comes with new features, some backward-incompatible changes and many improvements. Continue reading We Have The Latest Official PHP 5.6.0 Installed On All Our Servers

Social Login Enabled for RMvalues Hosting Customers

The login pages of our Hepsia Hosting Control Panel have been socialized, so our customers can now access their accounts through their social media profile(s) in Facebook, Google+ and Yahoo!.

Also, the social login functionality is set to work with multiple web hosting accounts at a time, so no matter how many accounts you have, you can log into all of them from your social media profile(s).

This is a great one-login solution for social media users, especially for those of you who have several hosting accounts, since there will be no need to remember tons of usernames and passwords.

How to log into the Hepsia Control Panel

To be able to log in from their social profile(s), users will first need to link their hosting account(s) with their social media account(s). They can do that from the Social Media Login tab in the upper right-hand corner of the Hepsia Control Panel’s header bar: Continue reading Social Login Enabled for RMvalues Hosting Customers