How to Earn Money through Internet

Today we gonna tell you briefly on how to earn money through internet. As we said, Earn Money through internet can be Online and Offline. So what does it mean Online and Offline?

Working Online includes the following:

  1. Build and maintain a website, blog, forums – By this way you can place advertisement on your website and blog to earn the earn money from your advertisers via CPC (cost per 1 click), CPM (cost per 1,000 impression/advertisement banner display). The more visitors and readers you have, the more money you will earn.
  2. Online store – Sells your goods, products online. Nowaday, our customers are not only local, but you can target to all potential buyers around the world. You can sell to your customer in United Kingdom and send the package from Malaysia.
  3. Online services. – Sell your professional knowledge, services and consultation online to the peoples around the world. For example, you can help your customer to clean his computer viruses through online remote control service.
  4. Refer potential customers to other online stores and services to earn and get paid the referral commission.
  5. Test drive some service or review some sites content and fill out their survey form and get paid.
  6. and many more

Working Offline including:

  • Find your local business owners to help them to build up a website, blog, online store and get paid.
  • Helps your local business owners to promote their products online.
  • Helps your local business owners to write the marketing articles and reviews and publish online.
  • Get projects from online and working offline. E.g. Helps your customer to modify and create some software which suit to their needs, this way you doesn’t need to be online. 😉
  • and many more

If you want to earn money through internet, you should work both online and offline. Working with only 1 method will not earn you much.

We will begin to teach you how to build up a blog, website, forum with least investment tomorrow.

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