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When we Google the keywords “Earn Money“, you will get not less than 64 million results, and if you read carefully on the first few pages, you will notice that most of the articles titled “10 ways to make money“, “40 methods to earn money“, “5 best method to get extra income” and son on.

Regardless on how many ways or methods of earning money, most of the articles you found are mainly written by US, Canada, European peoples, at least 75% of their methods are not suitable for Malaysian, as you found no one will offer the same things in any Malaysian companies.

I bet you are having the same dream and the same thought like me on how to earn extra money. Do you know we are quick lucky nowadays, as there are wide range of methods that we can legally earn money from, unlike last century, we can only earn money from working hard or having your own business.

If you still remember, 20 years ago, 1 fried mee was only RM 1.80, 1 chicken rice was about RM 2.00, but now it cost roughly RM 5.50 for both, at least it’s the standard price in my hometown, and big cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bharu, I think even expensive.

Our money’s values are getting lower and lower, but the daily expenses are growing higher and higher, if we rely on our earning from our work, do you think you will still have leftover every month? Of course your income is better if you work in city than countryside, but don’t forget every month most of your money will goes into :

  1. Foods
  2. House rent / Housing loan
  3. Transportation / Petrol with/without Car loan + maintenance (engine oil, tyre, reparing etc)
  4. EPF (Employees Provident Fund)
  5. SOCSO (Employment Injury Insurance Scheme and Invalidity Pension Scheme)
  6. Income tax
  7. Household goods (toilet papers, detergent, shampoo etc)
  8. Utilities bills (electricity, water, mobile phone, broadband etc)
  9. Insurance, if any
  10. Children, if any
  11. Parents
  12. Wife, if you’re married
  13. Others

Then, tell me please, how much monthly leftover you’ll have in your bank accounts? Ok, sorry for explaining too much facts that we’ve already know or we’ve already in the above mention situation now.

One of the purpose of establishing the RMvalues is to share the information on how to Earn and Save Money to you. This page will keep updating periodically on the ideas, methods and ways to Earn and Save Money from baby until old age.

  1. How to Earn Money through Internet

And many more…

Earn & Save Money Tips & Tricks

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