Sunway Velocity Mall? Avoid it! Terrible Parking Traffic

Sunway Velocity Mall

Sunway Velocity Mall opened on 8th December, until today (10th December) I just went for a round. After setting GPS (3.1293145, 101.723785), I drove there but the sign board for parking is somewhat unclear.

After turning left from Jalan Cheras, they had their staff Police Bantuan to direct the cars to the Parking D entrance. So far the parking still free, most probably due to newly open. Sign board in the parking area is confusing.

After about 10 minutes of searching, finally I spotted an empty lot at B3. The escalator from B3 go to 1F area is so hot, the air conditioning was not functioning. From the escalator walk to Sunway Velocity Mall, I have a feeling I’m in Setia Walk. Continue reading Sunway Velocity Mall? Avoid it! Terrible Parking Traffic

Scam from +44 20 4712 3698 – Be Aware

Received a call from +44 20 4712 3698 at 4.27pm, but when I tried to answer it already cut off. But I did not ring back, because I saw the number +44, belongs to United Kingdom. It would cost me RM 0.08/30seconds (fixed line) or RM 0.45/30 seconds (mobile).

Scam +442047123698

I googled and found who calls me regarding this and noticed that a lots of people received scam call from this number as well.

However, I received another call again on 8.05pm and managed to pick up, from the conversation, he said he from local corporate and want to discuss finance with me. From the slang I heard, I suspect he is African, because I have friends from Africa, Europe, India, Pakistan, Australia and China, so I’m very familiar with their slang. Continue reading Scam from +44 20 4712 3698 – Be Aware

Avoid EasyParcel Services – Bad Experience

Avoid EasyParcel

EasyParcel is a company founded by Exabytes Venture Sdn Bhd, according to the domain whois record, it registered in November 2012, so would assumed they had their business started from 2013 perhaps?

I found EasyParcel in somewhere I forgot, and I found that their rates are very competitive for non-business account holder, as I’m paying more if I go through local agent or directly walk-in to the office, e.g. Skynet. Besides that, EasyParcel also offered RM 25 free credit, this can be used to ship 3-4 documents or 2-3 parcels.

After signed up an account, I decided to place an order with Nationwide via EasyParcel to Kota Bharu. Unfortunately Kota Bharu was flooded at the night when I placed my order. Continue reading Avoid EasyParcel Services – Bad Experience

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