Social Login Enabled for RMvalues Hosting Customers

The login pages of our Hepsia Hosting Control Panel have been socialized, so our customers can now access their accounts through their social media profile(s) in Facebook, Google+ and Yahoo!.

Also, the social login functionality is set to work with multiple web hosting accounts at a time, so no matter how many accounts you have, you can log into all of them from your social media profile(s).

This is a great one-login solution for social media users, especially for those of you who have several hosting accounts, since there will be no need to remember tons of usernames and passwords.

How to log into the Hepsia Control Panel

To be able to log in from their social profile(s), users will first need to link their hosting account(s) with their social media account(s). They can do that from the Social Media Login tab in the upper right-hand corner of the Hepsia Control Panel’s header bar: Continue reading Social Login Enabled for RMvalues Hosting Customers

PTR Record Enabled for Dedicated IPs in RMvalues Hepsia Hosting

From today, those of you who use dedicated IP addresses for your sites and applications in Cloud Hosting, Semi-Dedicated, VPS and Dedicated Servers that uses Hepsia Control Panel will be able to also add a PTR record to them.

A PTR record, also known as a reverse DNS record, maps an IP address to a domain name, which is opposite to what an A record does.

PTR records allow you to perform a reverse DNS lookup to check if a given IP address is associated with a particular domain/hostname.

Why are PTR records needed?

With a PTR record set, your site will be able to resolve in both directions (from a domain name to an IP address through an A record and from an IP address to a domain name through a PTR record), which will help you build a trusted image for your online presence in external DNS lookups. Continue reading PTR Record Enabled for Dedicated IPs in RMvalues Hepsia Hosting

Shopping Experience with Zalora

Zalora Logo

Today I just received my sport pants, shirts and belt from Zalora via GDEX, which I purchased it last week. This was my first time buy the fashion online, because I afraid getting any clothes where the stitch tear out when receive and difficult when we want to ask for return or exchange.

Zalora Delivery Box

After knowing few of my friends having good experience and after sales service from Zalora, I decided to give myself a try and finally I receive it and I’m satisfied what I got.

Zalora Purchased Items

If you even bought something online via eBay, Lelong or somewhere else, then you shouldn’t have any problem on checking out.

If you’re the first time buyer at Zalora, here is a 15% discount voucher for you Continue reading Shopping Experience with Zalora

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