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Remember that few years ago I’ve introduced the HideIPVPN service that giving away Free VPN service monthly? Have you read my review post on HideIPVPN?

Recently It dragged my attention again is I noticed that HideIPVPN has added up to a total 29  VPN servers across 7 countries, new Poland smartdns location plus Proxy.

29 VPN servers are located at:

  1. 8 US Server Locations (2x Manassas, Los Angeles, San Jose, Buffalo, Langhorne, Santa Ana, Chicago).
  2. 8 UK Server Locations (4xLondon, Hughenden, 4xMaidenhead).
  3. 5 NL Server Locations (5xAmsterdam).
  4. 3 DE Server Locations (Frankfurt Am Main, 2x Nürnberg).
  5. 2 Canadian Servers Locations (Montréal,Toronto).
  6. 2 Polish Server Location (Warsaw)
  7. 1 French Server Location (Paris)

But, I noticed their Denmark has been removed, it could be due to low usage or high abuse. P2P and BitTorrent remain supported, this particularly important for us, as most of our Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as TM, Maxis, TimeDotCome, Jaring have throttled the speed.

For the SmartDNS, if you’re familiar with Google DNS, basically they are the same. DNS differ from VPN in:

  1. VPN unblock almost all websites.
  2. VPN hide your ip.
  3. However, in most of the time VPN only allow single connection at any time. And the bandwidth/traffic will be slower than your package, basically it depends on where your VPN server is located.
  4. DNS unable to unblock some websites.
  5. DNS doesn’t hide your ip.
  6. DNS maintain all your original speed.
  7. DNS can set in your router, or pc, mobiles or any devices.

HideIPVPN vpn slightly expensive compare to their old pricing USD $ 4.58 (~RM 20.15) monthly and SmartDNS package USD $ 3.24 (~RM 14.25) monthly. Currently the new price for VPN is start from USD 5.99 (~RM 26.35) and SmartDNS from USD 4.95 (~RM 21.80).

If you subscribe an annual plan, you can get as low as USD 3.33 (~RM 14.66) for VPN and USD 3.26 (~RM 14.30) for SmartDNS monthly. Annual pricing is far cheaper than their old price in year 2014.

10% Offer – Limited Time

Now HideIPVPN is offering RMvalues visitor a one time 10% discount voucher for their VPN and SmartDNS packages. Please visit their website and apply the following promotion code:


I personally would hope to see them to offer any Malaysia or nearby VPN server. What do you think? Leave your comment here to share with us your experience with them.

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