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Scam from +44 20 4712 3698 – Be Aware

Received a call from +44 20 4712 3698 at 4.27pm, but when I tried to answer it already cut off. But I did not ring back, because I saw the number +44, belongs to United Kingdom. It would cost me RM 0.08/30seconds (fixed line) or RM 0.45/30 seconds (mobile).

Scam +442047123698

I googled and found who calls me regarding this and noticed that a lots of people received scam call from this number as well.

However, I received another call again on 8.05pm and managed to pick up, from the conversation, he said he from local corporate and want to discuss finance with me. From the slang I heard, I suspect he is African, because I have friends from Africa, Europe, India, Pakistan, Australia and China, so I’m very familiar with their slang.

However, his english speaking was really bad, so I did not hear properly and I replied with huh? huh? huh?

Then he asked me whether I know english (this was the most funny stupid question of the day), I said nope, then line cut…

Scam Alert

Conclusion, please stay away from this number. I believed this number is belongs to online calling service. Low cost but high return (if successful cheated/scam/phish) = big scam!

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6 thoughts on “Scam from +44 20 4712 3698 – Be Aware”

  1. also almost kena scam. Keep on telling is from this company brokercapital. Other please beware!! Don’t fall prey.

  2. Oh hey! Thank goodness I found your blog and your writing abt this! I had numerous calls from this number as well, but called on timing that I wasn’t free! Well, no luck for that person I guess? Lol! But thanks a lot for sharing! It’s the exact number that I got!

  3. I’ve been getting calls from this number too, and my search brought me to this page. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’m from Malaysia and the call was to my Maxis line as well. I’m planning to report this to MCMC.

  4. Hi.

    I am a Malaysian as well that got misled into this service called Brokercapital back in the mid of last year.

    After a few weeks, there were calls from this number claiming to be a broker, and the person on the other end was clearly Russian along with a few others including women.

    They were very persistent and they sounded serious. Each time I said no they shouted back. They said go into your office or wherever and shout out that you need money. I am sure someone will loan you. I said nonsense. They said your margin level look at it! You’ll loose everything in the next 2 hours. I said banks are closed I can’t do anything. They said didn’t I tell you to go shout out that you need money? Sell something!

    I keep asking them that I chose not to do it but they call me back and they said that they want to help, but I kept saying that I have no money.
    They got very angry and threatened to report me and have me fined by their authorities. I said go ahead and then another person called claiming that they will get the authorities accusing me of playing with their system and not being serious, unless I follow the broker’s instructions.

    Total amount lost about RM 40k to 60k.

    Report has been made by someone else and warnings have been issued by various monetary authorities.

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