Beware of Scammers

Scammer list – Stay away from it

The first step of earning money is — to STAY AWAY from SCAMMER !

We, HATE Scammer very much, don’t you?

So we are specially prepared a list to include all the scammers.

We think we don’t need to explain what is the requirement to be in these list.

All the ‘lucky’ providers which listed here are certified by the former/current users in major reputed forums/communities that those scammers are:

  • Never pay or pay on the first few times to attract more victims before they run away
  • Sell the user information to earn money before/after running away
  • Ask users to pay before they begin to ‘earn’

Before you earn money online, learn how to prevent being cheated by the scammers.

The ‘lucky’ listed scammer sites are as below:

We will keep updating this scammer list regularly in order to keep you out from scammers.

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